You are an Artist, not a bookkeeper. Getting and staying organized is at times a daunting task.

  • "Is that edition number still for sale?"
  • "Which works are currently at the gallery?"
  • "My printer wants to know the exact print specifications for that edition..."
  • "Which edition number was on show in New York last summer and returned with a tiny scratch?"
  • "I promised my gallery owner that he could sell a specific edition number... but which one?"
  • ...

How do you answer the daily questions? Is your data scattered across spreadsheets and databases? One for each inventory or edition? Or is your data hidden in the systems and minds of your gallery owners and assistants?

If you are not in control you waste a lot of time and energy answering even simple questions. And you will even lose money and reputation if you need to start guessing...

Wouldn't it be great to get and stay organized once and for all?


Welcome to Art-Ctrl! With Art-Ctrl it is easy to get and stay organized:

  • Art-Ctrl is a highly structured online service specifically built for artists.
  • Always have insight, even if your gallery owner or your assistant takes care of updating your data.
  • You no longer depend on that one system with outdated software: With Art-Ctrl you get a full featured in-browser software solution.
  • Use your desktop in the studio, your tablet at home, your smartphone in the gallery or abroad: No need to postpone updating your data anymore.
  • Share specific data with your own users. They no longer need to ask you, they can access (or even edit!) your data themselves.
  • Even if you don't want a User to edit your data, he/she can post memos exactly where needed for easy and accurate communication.
  • Plan your exhibition at the gallery and let your gallery owner post remarks.
  • Send your highly detailed and accurate production orders to your suppliers in minutes.
  • ...

Art-Ctrl will seriously reduce the steady flow of questions. Collect your data in one source. Share it. Put it to work. Get in Ctrl!


Even free until we release Art-Ctrl to the market!

Store your data

Access, Share, Communicate


Access your data wherever you have a browser and a connection to the internet.


Create your own Users! Let your assistant help you manage your data. Share with your gallery owner or important collectors.


Connect to other Art-Ctrl subscribers like your gallery owner, supplier or closely related artists and share specific data


Communicate with your users: Stick questions and remarks to specific Images or Edition Numbers.


Create PDFs or spreadsheets of specific data for offline use. For instance for inventory reports and exhibition overviews.


Want to share a specific Location or Event with a specific User? You can!

Put your Data to work


Collect specific Edition Numbers in Sets, for instance for sales support.


Where is each Edition Number? What is in stock at that specific Location?


Plan and compose your Events. Share with your gallery owner and communicate. When done, create a production order as needed.


You never created production orders as simple, fast and accurate as with Art-Ctrl!

And much more….

Why don't you give it a try?